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The AzarKouh Mountaineering Co.Ltd. was founded by Masoud Aghabalaei (Mesut Ağaoğlu) Iran Mountaineering Federation’s formal coach with ID NO.10190359 in 1990, as the first mountaineering company in Iran that is engaged in organizing Expedition & climbing tours, rock climbing, mountain ski, and trekking and so cultural tours.
AzarKouh has various programs according to various skills. Our experience and expertise help us to do every program perfectly. We organize annual tours to Seven Summits, Snow Leopard summits, and so on. You can also enjoy our incoming climbs to Iran Mountains such as Damavand, Alamkouh, Savalan (Sabalan), Triplet pyramids, Sahand, and also trekking in Caspian Sea jungles, an astonishing world in the north part of Iran.

                                          Our Background and Objectives                                       

Some mountaineering activities in Iran

1-Mt.Damavand 5,671 m from north face in winter 2 times

2-Mt.Damavand 5,671 m from the south face in winter & summer 10 times
3-Mt.Alamkouh 4,850 m from the north wall(750 m) 2 times
4-Mt.Alamkouh 4,850 m from north face in winter 1 time
5-Mt.Sabalan 4,811 m from the north edge in winter 2times
6-Mt.Heram (pyramid) 4,350 m from east face & edge in winter 3 times
7-Mt.Heram 4,350 m from the north glacier (250m) in summer 1 time
8-Mt.Oshtrankouh 4,080 m from the north face in winter 1 time
9-Babak fort east wall 250 m 1 time
10-Bisotoun south wall 1,200 m 1 time


Mountaineering activities out of Iran

1-Mt.Communism (Samani peak) 7,495 m 1-time TAJIKISTAN
2-Mt.Mustagh Ata 7,546 m 5 times CHINA +Paragliding from camp one 5,410 m
3-Mt.Lenin 7,134 m 2 times KYRGYZSTAN
4-Mt.Kilimanjaro 5,895 m 7 times TANZANIA
5-Mt.Elbrus 5,642 m 8 times RUSSIA
6-Mt.Ararat 5,137 m 2 times in winter TURKEY
7-Mt.Ararat 5,137 m 33 times in summer TURKEY
8-Mt.kala pathar 5,545 m 2-time NEPAL
9-Mt.DemirKazik 3,850 m 1-time from the east wall TURKEY
10-Mt.Kazbek 5,046 m 3 times GEORGIA
11-Mera peak 6,654 m 1-time NEPAL
12-Passing of advanced ice climbing course in the KYRGYZSTAN
13-Mont Blanc 4,810 m 1-time FRANCE
14-Mt.Island peak 6,160 m 1-time NEPAL
15-Mt.Kachkar 3,935 2 times TURKEY
16-Mt.Ararat from north face 5,137 m 1-time TURKEY
17-Mt.Pumori Expedition from southeast face 7,161 m 1-time NEPAL+Flying by Paraglider from Kalapathar 5,450 m

18-Mt.Cho Oyu Expedition from north 1 time on Autumn 2014 TIBET-CHINA 8,201 m
19-Mt.Khan Tengri north face up to camp two due of bad weather 1 time on 2015 KAZAKHSTAN
20-Mt.Aconcagua 6,962 m 1 time on Dec. 2015 ARGENTINA

21-Mt.Korjnevskay 7,101 m 1 time on summer 2016 up 6,900 m due returning of feeble climbers TAJIKISTAN

22- Mt. Kazbek winter climb 28 Jan. GEORGIA 2018
23- Mt. Khantengri & Pobeda & Lenin as leader 2018

Meet The Team

Masoud Aghabalaei

Mountaineer & fonder

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Abolfazl Gozali

Mountaineering Guide

Mahyar Kaffash

Ski & Mountaineering Guide

Alireza Mashouf

Mountaineer & Chef

Changiz Gharachorlou

Interpreter & trekking, cultural guide